Tryout Info

Each player attending tryouts must complete an online registration form, accompanied by an online payment for the $100 Tryout Fee.  A USA Hockey Registration number for the 2017/18 season is required at the time of registration.  Please click here to obtain one, if needed. Click here to register.

There will be a minimum of two tryout sessions for each age division.  Players are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions.  If there is a bona fide reason that a player cannot be present at the team’s tryout sessions, arrangements may be made through the President and Head Coach to schedule alternate tryouts (if necessary).

There is a $250 commitment check due when you come to tryouts.  Bring a check made payable to “Pittsburgh Huskies” for $250.00.  (Rollover money or ARAMARK earnings may be used to pay the commitment fee provided you have registered and notified the treasurer via email at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of tryouts that you intend to pay the commitment fee that way.)  The commitment checks will be cashed only when an offer is made for a player to play on a specific team and the player either accepts the position or does not decline the offer within 48 hours.  If a player declines or is not offered a position, the commitment check will be destroyed; it will only be returned to you if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is submitted with the check at tryouts.

All team placements will be announced on this website within 48 hours of the last tryout for that division.  More specific information will be supplied at tryouts.  The players’ tryout numbers will be used in lieu of names.  Players will have 48 hours from the time of notification to respond by e-mail to the President if they deny a position earned on the team.  Any non-response will be considered an acceptance of the position earned. After the 48 hour notification has lapsed, your commitment check will be deposited and will be non- refundable.

Arrive early for your tryout session.  You must pre-register online, and bring the completed Consent to Treat (if you did not upload), Fee Schedule, and commitment check (see above).  You will check in at the registration table each time and receive a number to wear during tryouts.  Bring two jerseys every night: one black, one white.